There is an alien history swelling inside me, swimming in my veins. Sometimes I remember things I never experienced.

Penny, and the other scientists working on this, tell us that the Martians were from another world, and that they modified themselves genetically to try and create the perfect invading force. I remember that, or the idea of it anyway. There were riots, and legislation, and all these concepts we know, playing out on a stage so unfamiliar to us as to be indecipherable otherwise. But trauma is the same everywhere, and it leaves its mark.

I don’t know how scientific what I feel is. No one has been able to prove the Martians were telepathic. But I know it’s real. I know I made a connection with Gerald, and that traces of them and their history are still with me.

There’s something I need to do about this. I don’t know what yet, but I have a lot of time to figure it out. And I plan to follow up on it.