November 10, 2017

I’m pulled over at what used to be a rest stop, what is now functioning as a sort of refugee camp. At least a thousand people set up here, determined to outlast this. They haven’t seen any of the tripods - that’s what the remaining news outlets dutifully reporting on this are calling them - in this area yet, so they’re camping out in this building. As if a building will stop them. I hope for their sake the Martians overlook this area.

We don’t know what their motivations are in coming here, much less what attitude they have toward exterminating us. Are they going to do this thoroughly, or are we just a nuisance in their quest toward a larger goal? I’ve been asking Penny what she thinks, but she insists she doesn’t know enough to even begin to speculate. She should have more faith in herself - she’s had some important insights so far, like with the cylinders being giant printers.

Those cylinders have become like huge factories, endlessly churning out armies of tripods. One of the news crews in Atlanta managed to get a picture of one of the invaders climbing into a freshly-manufactured tripod. It’s blurry, but that could tell us a lot. Does that mean there are limited armies hiding inside those cylinders? Are they printing aliens too? Is that even possible? I really wish Penny would try and figure it out. If anyone solves this it’s going to be people like her, not people like me. I just want her to be safe.

Earlier today I picked up Max, who is still asleep. He says he’s sixteen, but he looks almost too small to even be that old. Scrawny Asian kid with braces and a band shirt. He smells like he hasn’t taken a shower in a few days, but his snoring is worse. Then again I probably don’t smell too great either. The last two days have just been a bunch of rushing around and sweating and then sitting still.

Those rest stop camps might actually have the right idea. They have running water still, or so that’s what people say. Every time traffic jams up everyone rolls down their windows despite the cold and we all exchange what information we know. I was next to an old white couple for the past ten miles or so, kind of clueless but really nice. They got off this last exit though, headed to some rich prepper’s setup in Auburn. I hope it works out for them.

I find myself hoping Max wakes up soon. Might be nice to have someone to talk to. But for now, I’m glad he’s asleep. Kid clearly needs it.