Carrie Wells

Attending the Upstate New York Institute of Technology, Carrie is an aspiring artist who wonders daily if she's in the right place. She loves her girlfriend Penny, but when disaster strikes, she'll have to overcome her anxiety and doubt to make sure they stay safe and together.


Penny Lowell

An amateur biologist with her eyes tilted up toward the stars, Penny attends Lafayette University in NYC. When a mysterious threat puts her school on lockdown, it's up to Penny to figure out what's going on - that is, if she can trust herself not to mess up.


Anton Wells

Carrie's annoying older brother. Conspiracy theorist, gossip, journalistic contributor to sites with "UFO" or "cryptid" in their name. He may be a snot, but he does care, and he’s going to have to put a stop in all that elitism and zealotry if he wants to make good on that.