jenna opened up to me about emily, said that technology on those thunder child planes was an innovation of hers. in part anyway. she still hasn’t heard from emily, which is unusual, because no one can ever get emily to stop talking. that’s not a good fucking sign.

jenna said that according to emily this was the highest weapons tech the military has. full stop. no other country pours as much into spending as we do. or did I guess. this is a weapon that fires three consecutive beams. the first literally loosens all the particles in its path, the second superheats them, the third was born from a lab accident and does something devastating with gravitons. and it can break through their shields. and that still wasn’t enough.

guess that’s it then. if they have flying machines of their own then they’ll have no problem wiping the rest of us out whenever they want. what other kinds of vehicles do they have? something that digs underground? I’m sure they fucking do. there goes that.

we had a good run. I guess the only thing left to do is try to stick it out for as long as we can and maybe take a few of them down with us.