Penny & Anton


everyone expects me to know what’s going on here. not many people from my department made it down to this part of the tunnels, just professor ogilvy really. there’s a lot more dormside, but the dorm tunnels aren’t connected to the academic tunnels. jenna suggested digging through, and I know she means well but that. is some bullshit. we don’t have that kind of equipment down here. just a bunch of half broken science shit we’re never gonna use. oh, that and enough canned black beans to carry us through a very tasteless and unhealthy five months. incredible.

carrie is too close to rochester for comfort. I mean douglass is pretty big but I think if whatever doing this is targeting big cities & major population centers they’d go for rochester over douglass. not that I know what I’m talking about. idk if there’s even gonna be another cylinder.

I hope we get out of here as soon as possible. I hope I see carrie again soon, once all of this has passed over.


You’re on here venting, too?


anton I mean this in the nicest way possible but please mind your own goddam motherfucking business.

you’re my brother in law basically, and I will always try to be on good terms with you bc carrie loves you. but I can’t sit here and have a nice chat with someone who hears that 7000 people are dead, dismisses it as a misunderstanding, and uses it as an excuse to rant about conspiracy bullshit.


Why is what I believe in such a big deal to you? What made you so bitter, Penny Lowell?


I could care less what you believe. what hurts is the fact that you don’t seem to care about anyone else’s suffering. it’s like this is a joke to you.

that post on your blog, like, you REALLY can’t understand why people aren’t EXCITED about this? really? you must have no fucking empathy at all.

carrie insists you’re a loving person, that you have always taken care of her. that you’re a goofball and you have a heart of gold even if you come off as annoying. but I just don’t see it.

for my sake and yours, let’s just agree not to talk.