@realantonwells hey if you’re there please say something

@realantonwells for carrie’s sake you better be fucking okay.

@realantonwells god I can’t believe I’m about to say this but

you get on my nerves. to say the least. but at the end of the day I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.

there are bad people in the world who deserve horrible things. people who make it their business to destroy people who don’t deserve it. and you, you’re callous and selfish and really fucking annoying. you think stephen colbert is the height of satire and you think hillary clinton is genuinely progressive. was progressive? was the height of satire? who fucking survived this shit? I hadn’t really thought about that until now but like. look.

all those things, they are repulsive to me. politically disgusting. you’re not doing enough, is what I would say, you’re settling for mediocrity and simplicity and neutrality over getting out there and doing something. and on top of that? you’re a smug ass conspiracy theorist. and when one of your shitty conspiracy community people managed to accidentally tap the right vein, you rubbed it in the faces of people who just didn’t want to die.

(you were right about that “goblin” though, weren’t you? that’s a dead alien. shit.)

but despite all of this you care. you’re not evil. I don’t like you but I don’t want you to get hurt. a long time ago I used to think everyone I didn’t like should die, even the ones who weren’t evil, and then those thoughts came true and I’ve felt like the lowest fucking garbage on earth ever since. I don’t want those thoughts to come true again.

I think maybe right now we don’t need to be petty like you’ve been… fuck, like I’ve been. I think we need to be one thing, human beings, decent human beings, united against these shitty awful beings - people? - who just want to destroy us because we’re here. who won’t even bother hearing us out, won’t even give us a second to beg for our lives, because they think we’re not worth it. once those pieces of shit are gone for fucking good, then maybe we can argue about conspiracy theories and stephen colbert if he’s alive. then we can afford to be disgusted.

idk why I’m even telling you all this. let alone where carrie can see it. it’s not like this will bring you back online. or bring you back. god fucking forbid.

but like… really. get back to me. your sister is losing her shit over this.