day four of penny tries and fails to figure out what the fuck is going on

okay. okay.


three out of the seven remaining regularly-posting news outlets on the US mainland are talking about this stuff now. they’re calling it “red weed” or “red snow.” I like the first one better because get it? like pot? like the good dank kush?

anyway. in my Very Professional Opinion.

there’s a few things this shit could be. one, it’s an invasive species from wherever the fuck the invaders are from. NOT mars, by the way. mars is not capable of supporting life like this. these things lived under the martian surface but there’s no way they’ve been living on the martian surface anytime in the past billion years or so. we’d have seen some kind of evidence. I personally think they set up camp there back when there was more liquid water and were pushed underground to wait once the planet entered the extended ice age it’s in. maybe that’s when they saw earth and went hey, shit, let’s go fuck that.

so maybe this stuff is some kind of plant or some lichen they kept around from those days. these fuckers have got to be pretty tough in that case, because apparently the stuff leaks cyanide gas, or something like cyanide gas. maybe. if it’s even the same fuckin biology as what we’re used to. I have no fucking idea.

the alternative is that they like their air to have cyanide gas in it, and are purposefully planting this stuff, which is stupid and I can’t let myself think about it right now because fuck that.

whatever it is, it’s spreading FAST. all I can hope is that the concentration remains low enough that it doesn’t kill my fucking wife.

the thing that keeps getting me about carrie’s description though is the helmet she described. my sci fi mind is telling me it’s some sort of neural interface. would make sense with how seamlessly they can pilot those tripods.

that’s all I’ve got. I’ve seen a few blurry pictures of the things but not nearly detailed enough to speculate on them.